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OBWhatsApp APK
App Name OBWhatsApp APK
App Version V56
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category OBWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

Download OBWhatsApp latest version for Android. It is expected to be available soon for iOS as well. OBWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, offering different ways to communicate with friends. You will not face any defects while using it.

Of course, there are differences between OBWhatsApp and the regular WhatsApp APK, but all the differences are positive and in favor of OBWhatsApp. This application was developed in response to the requirements of users who are looking for freedom and privacy beyond what WhatsApp offers.

As a result, OBWhatsApp gained a huge following when it was officially released. It quickly became as popular as the original WhatsApp app, surpassing 50 million downloads since its initial launch. There are many versions of OBWhatsApp, each with its own unique features and benefits. You'll have access to over 200 new features with this software, many of which were previously unavailable but are now within everyone's reach. It is worth noting that OBWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store, so we will provide you with a direct download link.

How to log in to OBWhatsApp:

There are no differences in the method and steps you are used to. After downloading and installing OBWhatsApp, you can launch OBWhatsApp. The registration window will appear, and the country code will be automatically selected. Simply enter your number in the designated field in OBWhatsApp.

OBWhatsApp will ask for permission to access the received text messages to verify the authenticity of the number. There is no problem if you deny permission to OBWhatsApp. However, in this case, you will need to copy and paste the code manually. After following these steps, you can add a personal photo and access the app's features.

Backup in new OBWhatsApp:

This is an important step for many people.. Through it, you will be able to restore your conversations that you had on the official application.

It is worth noting that in order to be able to use and run OBWhatsApp after downloading it, you must delete the original WhatsApp because they cannot be run simultaneously.

To take a backup, go to the settings of the official application, specifically on the chats page.
Perform this procedure, which will only take a few moments.
After that you can uninstall the program and install the new OBWhatsApp.You will be asked to restore your backup. Agree to this option or go to Settings and restore it from there.

Why we use OBWhatsApp:

There are many reasons why people download OBWhatsApp. Since he gave them everything they needed, they now had complete freedom to communicate with others. And hide what you want to hide. OBWhatsApp is a new world of communication that does not impose any annoying conditions on its subscribers.

Many people were forced to use it after they lost hope that their demands would be met. Which is something developers always ignore, unlike OBWhatsApp. All options are available for your choice.

Features of the latest update OBWhatsApp:

In terms of updates, generally the OBWhatsApp version gets updated and includes all the new features.

Now this version of OBWhatsApp includes all new emojis. The shape of the posters and logos was also changed, and a watch sticker was added. The German language is available on WhatsApp, in addition to other languages, including Arabic, English, and others. You can update to the latest version from within without having to use websites.

Privacy in OBWhatsApp:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons why millions are downloading OBWhatsApp. Now, you can control different privacy options, whether to show or hide them.

The first option is to hide your online status, specifically hide the word “Online” when OBWhatsApp is active, so that no one can know when you are active.

The second option is to hide the reading mark, so the other party will not see the double check marks when you read their messages.
This way, you won't feel obligated to respond to messages you don't want to respond to.

Additionally, you can hide the indication that you received a message and that it was delivered to you.
This option has been satisfied and admired by many users. These two options will give you complete freedom to choose whether or not to respond to other people's conversations and messages.

The privacy features don't stop there. You can also control the "Typing..." indicator that appears when you start typing on the keyboard or when you add emojis.
This gives you the opportunity to delete what you have written and review the words and make sure they are accurate before sending.

Moreover, OBWhatsApp allows you to hide that you are recording a voice message, which usually appears as “Recording...”. Therefore, you will not feel obligated to send recorded audio clips.

None of your contacts will know if you've viewed their status or stories, whether it's a video or a photo.
In the official app, this is visible to the status holder, but it was not well received by most users.

Finally, you can activate the option to prevent deletion of messages within conversations, and avoid accidental deletion when copying messages or similar actions.
You can also hide the "Writing..." indicator in group chats and discussions.

Stop the Internet from OBWhatsApp:

The new feature introduced recently makes OBWhatsApp unique among other social media apps. It has added many solutions for many types and categories of people, especially for those who receive messages on WhatsApp continuously and continuously.

Examples include corporate employees and meeting owners. This option will allow them to disable the Internet for the program only. Do they connect via Wi-Fi or mobile data. However, all other applications continue to work and are connected to the Internet.

And also the ability to browse websites. This will not affect other applications or games that require the Internet during operation. This option appears at the top of the chat list. But you can hide it from this page and activate it in settings only to avoid accidental activation.

Scheduled messages within OBWhatsApp:

You can now compose or write a new message and specify the time at which it will be sent. You can schedule these messages for any day or month of the year. It will be sent automatically when the time you specify arrives.

This is considered an effective solution for those who do not have a strong memory to remember many events. For example, among other things, you can use this feature to wish your friends happy birthdays, public holidays, etc.

OBWhatsApp will not need internet to send messages on time. This will do even if your phone is turned off. You can select any number of people to receive scheduled messages. With the option to cancel this message again at any time.

The app allows you to select the hour, minute, and second you want to set and schedule an unlimited number of messages.

Status history inside OBWhatsApp:

There have been significant changes and improvements. It allowed people to express their thoughts and desires in writing. It is worth noting that regular WhatsApp only allows a limited number of characters, which is not suitable for everyone and does not provide them with freedom of expression.

This led them to shorten many words when adding their own case. Now, with OBWhatsApp, the character limit has increased significantly to 225 characters. This allows you to type whatever you want without worrying about character restrictions and maximums.

Users also struggled with minimal video stories. It was not possible to add a video longer than half a minute. Now, with OBWhatsApp, this period has increased.

The maximum length of videos is 7 minutes. Naturally, there is a big difference between the previous and current limit, which allows you to share long video clips from your gallery or any folder. Alternatively, you can record a new video internally using WhatsApp's color camera.

And of course, you can add photos to your story. This media will remain in its original quality and resolution.

Send photos and videos to OBWhatsApp:

Pictures sent from OBWhatsApp:

With OBWhatsApp, the number of images that can be sent at once has become very large. Instead of selecting a small number of them to send at a time. Which took a lot of time. The sending process is also fast and smooth on OBWhatsApp. Without any transmission failure message, etc., the images will also arrive with the same quality and resolution.

Video sent from OBWhatsApp:

As for the videos, they had a large share of additions and benefits. Videos up to 50MB can now be shared instead of 15MB. This previously prompted the user to split the video into several parts in order to be able to send it. You won't have to take those annoying steps anymore. It is now possible to send clips in the highest HD quality and amazing transfer speeds.

Additional benefits within OBWhatsApp:

If you want to access the first part of one of your conversations that you had with anyone else. You won't have to spend a lot of time doing it the usual way, i.e. swiping up to read old messages.

In some cases, in large conversations with nearly a thousand messages, this may take an hour or more. But in OBWhatsApp there is a command in the chat settings that will take you to the first message with the click of a button.

You can also stop receiving voice or video calls from others. Set a password for each conversation so that it can only be accessed after you type the lock code correctly.

In addition to the ability to delete emojis that were recently present in the user's list. And turn off message and call notifications for any of your ongoing conversations.
Also set the background for each chat from the wonderful collection of wallpapers that OBWhatsApp offers you, or import wallpapers from the gallery, as well as delete chat contents and block unwanted people.

OBWhatsApp settings:

Chat screen inside OBWhatsApp:

When talking about the top bar, its color and color gradient can be changed. In addition to the colors of the icons at the top. Also change the color of the contact name, make the font bold, and change the colors of the following items:

Hide the last time you were online. You can also remove the option to open your profile picture after downloading OBWhatsApp. Hide the contact icons and the person you are talking to, and change the design of the top bar.


Cancel the feature of highlighting text and messages when long pressing on the message and choose a different shape for chat bubbles in OBWhatsApp. Same for link colors, message size, and time size.

If you want to be notified about last seen, you can set this option in this menu. Do not allow sensors to mute messages, hide camera icons, or record audio. The same applies to the status and size of icons. OBWhatsApp has a great option to view long messages in their entirety instead of using the Read More command. With dozens of other options.

Call screen:

You can change the background and colors of contact icons for outgoing, incoming, missed calls and call count. By controlling the size of the date and time of each call in the new OBWhatsApp, the same applies to the name and number.

The most important new notifications within OBWhatsApp:

It provides you with many and varied notifications. When one of your contacts goes online, you will receive a notification, provided they have enabled the option to share their online status, and their number is saved in your contacts. This feature allows you to stay updated on who is communicating with you and interact with them easily.

Widget settings:

OBWhatsApp offers various notifications, including the ability to customize the color, size, and number of messages, as well as the contact name, date, and message colors.

Themes in OBWhatsApp:

OBWhatsApp offers a large number of themes that can be applied, all of which are available for free. This allows you to get rid of the boring, formal look that never changes. In addition, new themes are added periodically, including themes related to various sports, football clubs, famous players, romantic designs, sad themes, landscapes, celebrities, cartoon drawings, and many others.

OBWhatsApp provides a dedicated store for downloading these themes, and changing the theme will take no more than 10 seconds.

OBWhatsApp icons:

You have complete freedom to customize the appearance of icons in all their forms, starting with the external appearance of the WhatsApp Plus icon. You can also modify the appearance of the reading tray, notification icons, and more. These options will add uniqueness to the application and allow you to achieve the desired look. Other options in this menu include staying online always, displaying name and date while copying messages, disabling voice and video calls, blocking unwanted contacts, and turning off the message counter. Moreover, you can display your personal photos in a square frame instead of a circular one with the new OBWhatsApp.

The most important features of OBWhatsApp:

OBWhatsApp offers a wide variety of unlimited themes and fonts.

You can set a password for each conversation to enhance privacy.

You can also change the default video player to any other video player installed on your phone.

OBWhatsApp supports many languages including Arabic, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

You have the option to customize the colors and sizes of all icons according to your preferences.

It also allows you to update to the latest version of OBWhatsApp from within the app.

With OBWhatsApp, you can easily access the first message in the conversation with just one click.

The maximum video size has been increased significantly.

You can send a large number of photos at once, and media files are sent in their original quality.

Your contacts will not know whether you have viewed their status or not.

Additionally, you can add longer videos to your story.

If desired, you can disable Internet access for OBWhatsApp.

Moreover, you can schedule messages to be sent automatically at a specific time.

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